I have decided that I needed to remake Mooneternalpower. However I did not want to delete this orginal blog, because it holds so many precious & special memories. So I changed this blogs url [NOTICE THE HYPON?!]

I have made a new Mooneternalpower, which is a side blog to; papercuts-paperhearts. At the moment is password protected, whilst I sort out the theme etc.

I AM LETTING YOU ALL KNOW SO THAT IF YOU WISH TO FOLLOW A NEW/OLD SAILOR MOON BLOG, YOU CAN :) You don’t gotta if you don’t wanna!!  If you wish to wanna follow just leave an ask; HERE. And I will let everyone know when it’s open!

I love you all so much <3

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World Shaking!

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highsummoneryunie whispered, "Names Crystal :) Nice to meet you :) The SM fandom could ALWAYS use more awesome graphics and people ^^ I hope you enjoy your time back in the fandom!"

I love people <3 Guys I just :’) i love you all :) <3

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I’ve been away for what feels like forever! Some of you may know this, but I got really sick. I was diagnosed with a very serious condition. But I’m getting better now. I probably wont update much on here, because I broke my external hardrive (It had all my SM stuff on (caps/frames/gifs/edits etc) Once you lose something like that, you’ll never get it back, nor will you have the motivation to try! 

I have a new blog now though It’s mostly just a personal/fandom tumblr which is currently obsessing over BTVS. If you’re interested feel free to check it out!

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Welcome to mooneternalpower. A blog about the one & only Sailor Moon.

I do make a lot of graphics, so it's probably safe to assume that most of the pictures you find on here are mine :)

Also if you have a graphic request, feel free to message me in my ask box! Try and be specific ;) ♥

Im sorry, but I don't do promo's or follow backs, no offense guys!

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